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How to use the bookmark

Let's quickly cover how to use the smart bookmark and some common mistakes. No worries - it's really easy!

The right way to create alerts:

select and create alert
You found the product that you like on any retailer's website. Now simply "select and click":
  1. Select the price
    of the product on the actual product detail page.
  2. Click the !owlert bookmarklet
    in your browser's toolbar.
Most important:
Additional info:

Common mistakes:

Do not create alerts from the following types of pages. Your price drop request must originate from the actual product detail page.
  1.   Shopping Cart - page shows what's in your cart. We can't see that.
  2.   Search Results - page shows multiple products resulting from a search.
  3.   Category - page shows multiple products within a category.
  4.   Quick Info - dialog that shows product info but main page is still of type above.
  5.   Wish List - page shows your wish list. We can't see it.
Only create an alert for the price of the main product on the product detail page. Do not request alerts for prices of:
  1.   Related Items
  2.   Suggested Items
You can not request alerts for prices that are calculated based on your inputs (zip code, different currency selection, dates, locations, age, ...) such as:
  1.   Airline Fares
  2.   Hotel Room Rates
  3.   Insurance Premiums
  4.   Other than site's default currency