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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common and frequently asked questions along with their answers.

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What is PriceOwlert?
PriceOwlert is an easy, quick and convenient solution to for you to receive price drop email alerts for any product on almost any website. It is very simple and easy to use and of course it's free!
Why should I use PriceOwlert?
There are many reasons for you to use our service: Of course you do not have the time to keep an eye on prices and save when they drop! We monitor prices for you and send you price drop alert emails.
How do I use PriceOwlert?
Why do I need to setup a bookmark?
With our smart bookmark you can easily create alerts for any product you like while on any retail website. No need to leave the retailer's website.

Our smart !owlert bookmark works in any browser and you do not have to download or install software to use it.

How do you notify me? Email or text message (SMS)?
We will notify you by email for all price drop alerts. For some retailers you can choose to get notified by text messages (SMS) offered as free service by PriceOwlert. Standard text messaging rates may apply.
Why is the new price I see here different from the actual price on the retailer's website?
The price drop you see on our website may already be a few days or even weeks old. The retailer may have changed the price since then. Promotions are often short-lived. This is why you should use PriceOwlert.
Are there any limitations?
Yes, there are a few limitations. You can not create alerts for prices that are calculated based on your inputs (zip code, dates, locations, age, ...) such as airline fares, hotel room rates, insurance premiums, etc. Also requesting alerts for prices that a calculated based on size or color may not work. Learn how to create alerts.

There are also some online websites that do not allow us to read their price information. We decided to not support auction sites such as eBay.com.

Which countries do you support?
Currently we support the following countries: USA, Canada, UK, Australia. We are planning to add more countries to this list in the near future.
Why should I join or register?
As a registered user you enjoy special benefits. You have access to your active and past alerts and the ability to extend or delete alerts.
Can I get price alerts for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies?
Yes, we currently support price alerts for Bitcoin and plan to add other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Ripple (XRP), Lumens, and Ethereum very soon!
Do you share or sell my email address or other personal information?
No, we do not share or sell any of your personal information that you provide to us. We DO NOT Spam. We online send you price drop alert email notifications and occasional newsletters. Please see our privacy policy for details.
Do you sell any products?
No, we do not sell any products. We simply notify you about price drops and it's up to you to buy the product or not.
For how long do you monitor the price of products?
We monitor the price for 32 days. After 32 days you receive a notification and can choose to extend your alert by 30 days.
I would like to watch an item for which you have to "Click to see price" in order to view the price. Can PriceOwlert monitor such prices?
Unfortunately we are unable to detect price drops of such items and you can not create a an alert for such product.
But we are able to detect when a regular price changes to a price that is only available by adding it to the cart. You would then receive an alert stating that a lower price is available and can been seen by adding the product to the cart.
After I created an alert, do you then monitor other online retailers for a lower price?
No, we only monitor the price at the retailer you created the product alert at. To monitor it with other retailers you would have to create an alert on their sites as well. But maybe in the future we will do that for you ...
Do I need to enable cookies on my browser?
Yes and no. To simply create a product alert using our Smart Bookmark you do not need to enable cookies in your browser. But if you wish to perform searches, join PriceOwlert, and sign in to your account, then you do need to have cookies enabled. We do use cookies to authenticate your visit as a user.
If your browser is set to not accept cookies, you will not be able to register, perform searches, or sign in.
Can I use the PriceOwlert bookmark on multiple computers but with a single account?
Yes, you can use PriceOwlert on many computers with one single account. Register once and then setup the bookmark on any computer you want.
Why should I use PriceOwlert over similar websites?
PriceOwlert is the only price tracking tool that supports any online retailer. All other websites are limited to only one popular retailer. Furthermore, our Smart Bookmark (technically a bookmarklet) let's you request price drop alerts without being on our website: it smoothly integrates into your shopping experience. Other sites use browser extensions (aka add-ons) which need to be installed, possibly updated, and they can pose risks to your online safety and online privacy.