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Good Shoes: Pamper Your Feet

Nothing ruins a good day at work like a bad pair of shoes. Even if you're not on your feet 24/7, a poor pair of shoes can cause or aggravate many foot issues. However, trying to find the best shoes for your feet can be a difficult process for women. We like comfort, yet we want style as well. It can make the process of shoe buying a headache - or foot ache. With all the many brands, styles, and types of shoes available, it can feel overwhelming making the decision. This buying guide will help you make the best online purchase of shoes.

Know your exact size

Many women have trouble getting a comfortable shoe because they're not really sure about their size. You need to know not just your length of foot but the width, as well. If you have a wide-sized foot, you need to be sure to find a style that comes in wide. Some people try to go up a size to compensate for the medium width. This won't give you a comfortable fit. The shoe may be a tiny bit wider but the added length will just make your foot slide around and still pinch your foot slightly on the sides. If the shoe your contemplating doesn't come in wide widths for your size, then move on to another style.

The other important factor in getting the right shoe size is making sure you are going with a current measuring. Contrary to what people may think, your foot size may change over time. Podiatrist, Jay Rowland, states that "Over time and through gravity, our feet tend to get longer and wider." It's important to get a current measuring every couple years.

Determine if you have special foot problems

If you've been having a lot of trouble with your feet bothering you lately, you may have some type of issues such as bunions, plantar fasciitis, calluses, or corns. Any of these issues affect the type of shoe that will be most comfortable for your feet. Getting a quick check up with a podiatrist before making that shoe purchase will help you know what shoes are best for you. If you do in fact have a foot problem, then look for a shoe that is accommodating. Most shoes that are specifically helpful for foot problems will state that in the description.

Select your style

If you're purchasing just one pair of shoes, then settle on a style in the beginning. That way you won't be overwhelmed with so many choices. Dress shoes are good for professional office jobs, booties are wonderful to have in the fall and winter for added warmth and style, tennis shoes are necessary for the gym or a lot of walking, and casual shoes are good to run around town in. Once you know what type of shoe you want to add to your wardrobe, then use the computer filters to narrow down the selection.

Read reviews

Once you narrow down your selection to a few styles, check out the reviews. What do the customers say about the comfort and longevity of the shoe? Another important feature to look for is how true to size the shoe is. Does it tend to run wide, narrow, big, small, or true to size? Finally, if you have a question about the shoe, post your question to the community of other shoppers. You will usually get an answer back quickly. Often times, you can read other questions customers have asked in the past and see if it gives you relevant information.

Purchasing that next pair of shoes is simplified when you know your exact size, determine the style you want, and read the reviews.


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