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Guide to Gifting Lingerie for Valentine's Day

We all know that beauty comes from within and if a woman feels beautiful, she will look beautiful. Lingerie is a classy and classic gift that can make the woman you love feel beautiful and appreciated but with so many options, how do you choose the perfect piece of boudoir attire? This buyers guide is here to assist you in your lingerie shopping adventures and make sure you pick a lingerie gift that your special someone will enjoy, and you will too!

Get her measurements, not just her size

Sizing is not standardized for lingerie and each designer has their own way of sizing their products. As such it can be difficult to pick pieces that fit flawlessy without a trip to the dressing room. Luckily however, most designers have a size chart to help you pick the right size based on certain measurements. The most common measurements needed for lingerie are bust size, band size, waist, and hips. Bust size is the circumference around the chest at the fullest point of the breasts. Band size is the circumference around the chest just under the breasts (where the band of a bra would go). Waist is the circumference under the ribs and above the hip bones, and hip measurement is the circumference around the hip bones (where hip hugger jeans would fit).

Pick a piece that fits her personality

Next to making sure she can wear the lingerie you select comfortably, making sure she wants to wear it, again and again, is the next priority. Picking a piece that fits in with her personal style will help to ensure that she enjoys wearing the lingerie for a long time to come. If the lady you are shopping for is edgy and wild she might like something a little more flashy, sparkly or trendy. If she is shy or reserved, consider a piece that has a bit more coverage or multiple layers to allow teasing at her comfort such as a robe, nightie, and underwear set. Thinking about the clothes she already wears and keeping her style in mind while shopping will be sure to help guide you towards a piece that she will enjoy wearing.

Pick a color that compliments her body

In addition to making sure the beautiful lingerie you select matches the beautiful personality of the woman you're shopping for, making sure that it is complimentary to her body also important. Complimentary colors and figure flattering styles are both important factors to picking the piece she will feel and look most beautiful in. While black lingerie is always a staple and can look stunning with any body shape, skin tone, and hair color, odds are if the girl you're shopping for likes lingerie, she has a nice black set already. If you're looking to spice things up a bit and pick something with a touch of color, it's important to remember that with color, complimentary often means opposite. For instance, if the woman's hair is red, teals and greens will accentuate her lovely crimson locks. When shopping to flatter a woman's figure, keep in mind her style choices already. If she likes to accentuate her waistline, get something that belts in tightly around the waist. If she usually wears more comfortable clothes, consider a set of lace lounge pants and top to add a bit of seduction to a comfortable choice.

No matter what kind of lingerie you are shopping for, PriceOwlert can help you get the best price while you're shopping online by giving you automatic alerts for price drops on almost anything you could imagine. What types of lingerie are you looking to gift to the lovely ladies in your life this year? Let us know in the comments below!


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