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Online Holiday Shopping Tips

The internet has changed how we do a number of things in our lives. Not only can we communicate differently than before, we have instant access to news and information. The internet has also changed how we bank and how we shop. However, when it comes to holiday online shopping you still need to beware when sharing sensitive information. Here is a list of tips to help guide you through the holiday maze of shopping on the internet.

1 - Too Good To Be True

Remember when your parents warned you to watch out for deals that appeared to be far too good to be true? The internet is full of them. Seriously. The interesting thing is that some of these incredible deals are actually legitimate. But how can you tell? Sometimes you need to use common sense, your gut and some serious virus protection. The old rule still applies (if it looks too good to be true ...) but hackers are getting pretty good at using nifty disguises in order to steal personal information. If you get asked something online from a website that makes you uncomfortable with sharing that kind of information, you may be better off not proceeding with the online purchase.

2 - Careful With App Downloads

When it comes to online shopping apps, you have to be careful. Trusted download sources have a good way of filtering the good from the bad and that will help you to keep your information safe. Another way to screen the apps before you start to download them is to read reviews posted online of them. The five star system is easy to follow and if an app contains a lot of negative feedback don't download it. You could, however, recommend it to your neighbor instead. Okay, that's only if you don't get along with that neighbor.

3 - Wrap It Up Tightly

We've mentions antivirus programs already. They are your best defense when it comes to spending a lot of time online - not just for shopping. The thing is though, not everyone protects their other online devices. You should carry antivirus protection on your smart phone, tablet and any other device you use online. It's smart and it's secure. The cool thing about antivirus software is that it's the gift that keeps on giving because free updates can happen at any time so you can enjoy it long after Christmas shopping sales have ended.

4 - Other Precautions To Take

When shopping online, avoid doing it from an unsecure wi-fi signal. Sure, the open signal at the shopping mall may be just perfect for timing but it also presents perfect opportunities for hackers. Hackers, by the way, are not Santa's little helpers. If anything, they do things that can wreck the holidays for many people who do not take the steps necessary to protect themselves. Also review the permissions required of any program you download. If one asks for access to your contact list, remember this is not so they can send your friends virtual Christmas cards. Avoid ending up with a Blue Christmas by being careful shopping online this holiday season.


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