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Traditional "Unplugged" Toys for Tots

The Holiday season is finally here! With Christmas just around the corner and New Year's just a stone's throw away, we can hardly wait! Of course, the holiday season also means showering your loved ones with food, warmth, and the best of them all--Gifts! If you have children in your family and are looking forward to giving the tiny tots some toys they will love, read on.

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If you are confused as to what kind of toys to gift your little ones, this simple buying guide can help you choose the perfect toy.

When buying toys for young children, the first thing to keep in mind is the age of the child. Most toys will generally have an age group printed on its package. For babies who are 1 or younger, look for colorful toys which are visually stimulating. These toys can have a sound system as well, which gives the child an audio-visual stimuli. Soft toys are also suitable options for them. However, avoid gifting them toys with small, detachable parts as these can be a choking hazard. For toddlers, opt for toys which have an educational value. Interactive games, books, and toys can stimulate their imagination and creativity. For older kids, you could go for board games, arts and crafts and other fun learning options such as a bicycle, roller skates, etc.

In this day and age, toys are no longer considered gender specific. Maybe your nephew just can't get enough of playing "chef", or your niece simply loves to dress up as a fireman and play with her monster trucks. Gift something that speaks to who they are. This guarantees they will love and actually play with your gift.

Special holiday toys
You can never go wrong with holiday toys when it comes to children of any age! A Santa costume, a big stocking, or a stuffed toy reindeer is something that any kid would look forward to this holiday season.

Go out and play!
In this digital age, most children grow up with their iPads and video games, refusing to step out and play in the fresh air. Encourage your little ones to explore the outside world by gifting them outdoor themed gifts. These can be a bicycle, a kite, or jump ropes in the theme of their favorite cartoon character - a mini car or a bike, if you really want to spoil them!

Experimental kits
The toy market is filled with experimental kits for children. These are science kits that are safe and child friendly. Gift your little one a Crystal Growing Experiment Kit which will allow them to grow a cool crystal right in their bedroom. Or help them try some of these science experiments with the Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing Science Kit.

Card games and board games
If you are going to spend the holidays with your little nephew or niece and their family, surely you are looking for a nice board game or card game you all can enjoy after dinner. Try Codenames. It's a lot of fun and works out those brain cells.

Music and art
Let your little terror unleash his or her inner creativity with some of these art and crafts gifts or musical instruments. They don't have to be original instruments, but toy versions of them. Who knows, you may spark an inner talent.

They can make their own hand puppets. Or even make some music (and hopefully not noise) with this xylophone below.

This guide should help you choose some of the best holiday gifts for the little ones this holiday season.


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