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S.T.E.M. Toys For Tots to Teenagers

In a day and age where we carry mini-computers in our pockets, it's not surprising that toys have taken a turn for the techy. With a huge focus on S.T.E.M. - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math - learning in schools, tons of toys that help children develop the skills needed in these areas are flooding the market. New technological developments are making toys -and our children- smarter than ever before, but how do we know which high tech toys are going to help our children learn, and which ones are all flash and no bang? This buyers guide can help you sort out the high-tech treasure from the trash!

Pick An Age Appropriate Toy
Sure, this may be kind of obvious but it still merits saying, especially with S.T.E.M. toys as they usually present concepts that are tailored to children's learning capabilities at specific ages. Also, some of the toys intended for older children can have small or delicate parts that could be eaten or easily broken by younger, less gentle tech lovers. Nowadays there's S.T.E.M. toys for every age, with everything from almost indestructible caterpillars that teach coding, to kits that allow you to build and program your own child-size robot, so you can rest assured that no matter what age group you are shopping for, you will be able to find an age appropriate toy.

Make Sure You Have All The Parts
Oftentimes S.T.E.M. toys come in all-inclusive kits, but many include extras that can be accessed via computers, smartphones or tablets depending on the toy. Making sure the child on your gift list has the appropriate equipment to connect to all the features included with their S.T.E.M. learning toy is important for allowing them to unlock the full potential of the toy. If there is an included app, check that it is compatible with their device, as some are apple or android only and some are only compatible with newer devices. It is also important to check if there are any additional tools needed for assembly, or batteries and charging cables that weren't included with the original kit. Again, most S.T.E.M. toys tend to have all the parts included, but there are a few that need extra tools, batteries, or charging cables.

Pick A Toy With Room To Grow
Toys are getting more modular, which means more parts are sold separately, but it also means that you can adapt and modify many toys with add-ons that increase their functionality and age range. If you want to invest the money required for one of the pricier S.T.E.M. learning toys, it may be practical to invest in one that has add-ons and expansion kits available to increase the life span of the toy and keep it fresh and relevant for many years to come.

Capture Their Attention With A Toy That Fills Multiple Interests
It can sometimes be hard to get kids to adopt a new toy if it's too far outside their current realm of interest. Luckily, there are tons of S.T.E.M teaching toys that can correspond with and even enhance other interests. Versatility and integration into everyday play are some of the main upsides of S.T.E.M. toys in general, and allow the toys to be useful for siblings who have different interests to share as well. If you have a nature lover, consider a toy that is battery powered and rugged, so they are not limited to the indoors. If you have a child that enjoys video games, consider a game that works with their current console and allows them to learn about coding.

No matter the age or interests of the children on your gift list, there is a S.T.E.M learning toy that will be sure to excite and intrigue them. Sometimes S.T.E.M. toys can be pricey and if you're looking to stretch your dough and get the best deals on all your gifts this year, you need someone on your side to keep an eye out for the lowest prices. PriceOwlert will monitor the prices on all your favorite items and automatically alert you when the price drops, making it easy to get the best deal.


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