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A Simple Guide to Buying Toys

It's that time of year again and parents are beginning to find that perfect gift for their children. With so many toys to choose from and children who likely want all of them, it can be a little difficult to find just the right one. Some toys are great for developing skills, others just for fun, but everyone could use a little help every now and again in finding what they need. As such, we've put together a little guide to buying the perfect toy for your child.


Toys wear out. It happens; things break down, rip and tear and just stop working after a while. What you want is a toy that's going to last a while without having to be repaired or replaced. If you want simple toys that won't break, look to the ones without electronics; the more complicated the toy, the easier it breaks. Legos, blocks, fake food and kitchen sets, simple toys with no moving parts are generally more durable than those with many moving parts. If you're going to be looking at a toy with electronics or moving parts, do some research and see if any other brands or types have better durability reviews than the one you're looking at. It's usually a good idea to do some research, just to make sure you're getting your money's worth.

Most toys have a recommended age printed on the packaging, with the exception of many stuffed animals and dolls. Toys for children under the age of one are usually brightly colored and geared towards teaching the child about their colors and shapes. They're also large enough that they can't be choked on. As your child gets older, their needs change and the toys grow with them. Your child's interests will differ from others depending on their own personality, but you should always heed the age warnings on the toys; there has been a lot of research that's gone into figuring out what age a toy is appropriate for. Toys and games that are geared towards older children and teens may be inappropriate for younger minds, and those for younger children will be considered boring and juvenile for older youth.

Toys are a great tool for parents to teach their children while also letting them have fun. Many toys are geared towards different aspects of development. There are, of course, many aspects of development to take into consideration when buying your child a toy. Are they a young child that needs to learn their colors or shapes? Are you wanting them to develop better hand-eye-coordination? Perhaps memory, recognition, compassion or critical thinking?

Generally speaking, you can find just about any toy you want that would cover just about any skill. Puzzles help with hand-eye-coordination, as do video games, ring toss, balls and shape sorters. Compassion and home skills can be taught through playing dolls, or with "household items" such as toy kitchens and lawnmowers. Memory is often developed through games and toys that deal with patterns. Legos and building blocks are good for critical thinking along with board games and puzzle books. If you're looking to expand a specific area for your child, then you can research what would be best to help with that developmental area.

How much a toy costs generally depends on what brand that toy is and where you're buying it from. The cheapest toys are sometimes the least durable, but the most expensive could be highly overpriced, so you may want to do a little research before committing to a price. Look online at different options for purchasing that perfect gift and find the best price for you, for the best possible toy you can find.

Every child loves a new toy, and it shouldn't be an issue to get the best one for your child. Don't let the holiday season overwhelm you as you go about making the year's end special for your loved ones.


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