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Guide to Electric Space Heaters for Winter

We all love the heat, we get to go to the beach and have fun with friends. But then come the days when the temperature drops and we want the heat back. This is when a space heater can be a great addition to your home or workspace.

Space heaters sell a lot as the winter approaches. It is all about getting the best quality model rather than the most expensive one. Prices for these simple heaters range from $50 to $450, based on complexity and range the heater covers. The heat should be given out evenly rather than to just one section of the bedroom or living room. Look at safety features to make a formal decision on your space heater. Here's a quick rundown on what you should want.

Space heaters have a certain fire risk on them which makes people hesitant to look for a new one while manufacturers try to fix those mistakes. Find a sensor on the heater that shuts it off if it starts to overheat or accidentally falls over. It needs to be safe for children and any pets in the room. One major reason for any fires from space heaters is a damaged power cord. They also are easy to trip over and cause injury. So, look at all electric space heaters and their cords to see if it has been tested for not being easily damaged and it is not recommended to use an extension cord because it makes it more dangerous. Also, they should be lightweight rather than heavy.

There are a great number of space heaters that fill a variety of functions. They can be used to warm a small space, a room, your office, but not an entire house. They are typically used to either supplement central heating or as a low cost alternative to central heating. Obviously it is cheaper to heat a single room that you actually use than your entire house with rooms being empty. During the day you may just heat your home office while at night you only heat bedrooms as needed.

Here are some special features a space heater should have:

Basically all types of space heaters are electric but different types use the electricity in different ways. Most use convection to circulate hot air in the room while radiant heaters leverage infrared radiation. Convection heaters typically dry out the air very quickly and should be used in conjunction with humidifiers. Furthermore, infrared heaters are more energy efficient.

When buying a space heater, get one with a label that is certified to be tested and passed inspection. There is Underwriters Laboratory (UL), Intertek (ETL), and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). They state that the production of the heater and how it performs in meeting safety standards. Having a good space heater this winter is important, but so is the safety of everyone in the house with it. You should be warm rather than being on fire.

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