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2018 Tech Gadget Gift Ideas

Are you (still) looking for a great tech gadget gift for the Holidays? You've come to the right place. The owl has some great ideas for you.
Gadgets are amoung the most popular gifts but the often come with a big price tag attached. Our 2017 selection has options for any budget starting at about $25.
  1. Drones have been a great gift for years now and they continue to be loved by husbands, sons, and daughters. It is extreme fun to fly them and once basic flight skills are learned you can take them on trips to create great areal videos of your experiences.
  2. Give the Kindle e-Reader to a loved one that likes to read. It is a lasting gift bringing a quality reading experience to her or him.
  3. The all new Echo will make life easier for your entire family. Of course Echo connects to Alexa who can play music for you, initiate calls, check the weather or traffic, interface with smart home devices, and more. No, Alexa won't do the dishes for you :)
  4. The Phillips Hue Smart Bulb starter kit lets you automate lights at home. Simply place the Hue bulb in a light fixture and program a schedule or control it with Alexa or other home hubs like Apple Home Kit or Google Assistant. The geo fencing feature allows you to automatically turn on lights when you arrive at home or turn them off when you leave.
  5. The all including budget option for home streaming of pretty much any type of app is the Roku Streaming Stick. Especially your kids will love it.
  6. For the music lover and Apple fan the wireless AirPods are a must have. You can control volume and what is being played through tapping and Siri.
  7. A GoPro camera is a must have for any outdoor enthusiast for activities such as biking, surfing, sailing, diving, and more. Personalize this gift with the perfect accessory.
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