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Solar Keyboards - Always be charged and ready

Keep your keyboard charged and ready!

We have all gotten used to the advantages of wireless keyboards. In the early days computer users had to physically plug in their keyboard into computers through PS2 or USB plugs. With this physical connection the keyboard got powered and did not need batteries. With the emergence of wireless devices and bluetooth, having a wired mouse or keyboard was not cool and pretty much most users started having wireless mice and keyboards.

However, the downside of wireless devices is that they need to be powered by batteries, which as we all know, eventually run out of power and we have to replace them. How annoying!

The solution has arrived! Solar powered keyboards are of course wireless and their batteries will not run out because the sun will be an endless power source. And of course having solar panels charge your keyboard is much more environmentally friendly than replacing and tossing batteries every so often.

And just so you know, you don't need to take your keyboard out to lunch in the park to get enough sun. A regular lit office space is fully sufficient.

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