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Ant Control Killer Bait Spray

Ants can be extremely annoying and persistent.

Especially when you live in an area with long and hot summers you will experience ants invading your home and forming trails across your floor or along walls. They are typically on the hunt for water and food. And make no mistake, they won't go away by you doing nothing.

You can of course hire a pest control guy that will put you on an expensive monthly pest control plan or even tell you that you need to first fumigate your home for thousands of dollars to get rid of them. But of course there is always a DIY option.

You need to do two things:

  1. Don't leave food (especially sweet stuff) around to attract them and give them a reason to be in your house. Nicely place open food containers in the fridge or seal them inside a ziplock container.
  2. Place ant control bait stations inside and outside your house. Ants will come, eat the bait, share it among each other including the queen, and die from it.

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